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Ladies Women’s Real Leather Black Gothic Coat with Fitted Victorian Style and Lace Back


Key features:

  • Material:
    • Made from high-quality real leather for durability and a luxurious feel.
    • 100% polyester lining
  • Color:
    • Classic black color for a timeless and versatile look.
  • Style:
    • Gothic-inspired design with Victorian elements for a unique and fashionable appearance.
  • Fit:
    • Fitted silhouette for a flattering and stylish look.
  • Length:
    • Long coat design for added drama and sophistication.
  • Lace Back Detail:
    • Victorian-style lace-up detailing on the back adds a touch of elegance and adjustability.
  • Closure:
    • Secure closure, such as buttons, for practicality and comfort.
  • Versatility:
    • Suitable for various occasions, from casual to formal, enhancing your overall style.
  • Comfort:
    • Designed to provide both style and comfort, making it suitable for extended wear.
  • Attention to Detail:
    • Crafted with attention to detail, ensuring a high-quality and well-finished product.
  • Statement Piece:
    • A statement wardrobe piece that stands out and adds a bold touch to any outfit.
  • Seasonal Wear:
    • Suitable for different seasons, providing warmth during colder weather while maintaining a stylish look.
  • Accessorizing:
    • Allows for creative accessorizing to personalize and enhance the overall outfit.
  • Timeless Appeal:
    • Blends classic and contemporary elements, ensuring a timeless appeal that transcends fashion trends.
  • Easy To Care: Sturdy, stain-resistant, and importantly more long-lasting, affordable than traditional soft leather. The jacket is easy to care for and with proper maintenance, this fabric will stay looking vivid and new for many years.


The Ladies Women’s Real Leather Black Gothic Coat is a stunning and stylish piece that combines the elegance of Victorian fashion with a touch of gothic flair. Crafted from high-quality real leather, this coat not only exudes sophistication but also ensures durability and longevity.

The fitted design of the coat enhances the wearer’s silhouette, giving a flattering and feminine shape. The Victorian-inspired elements, such as the long length and intricate detailing, add a timeless and romantic touch to the overall look.

One of the distinctive features of this coat is the lace-up back, which not only adds a touch of sensuality but also allows for a customized fit. The lacing detail creates a corset-like effect, further accentuating the waist and providing an element of versatility in terms of sizing.

The deep black color adds a sense of mystery and gothic allure to the coat, making it a perfect choice for those who appreciate alternative and edgier fashion styles. The long length of the coat adds drama and sophistication, making it suitable for various occasions, from formal events to gothic or steampunk-themed gatherings.

Whether worn over a gown, dress, or paired with more casual attire, this Victorian-style leather coat is sure to make a bold statement. It seamlessly blends historical charm with contemporary fashion, making it a versatile and eye-catching addition to any wardrobe. Embrace your individuality and showcase your unique style with this striking Gothic coat.



1 review for Ladies Women’s Real Leather Black Gothic Coat with Fitted Victorian Style and Lace Back

  1. Tammy M.

    I love love love this gorgeous jacket!
    If you love high/low tops and goth you’ll adore this for the life, the jacket is a keeper.

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